As of 2021, certain works from this valuable collection have been made available for purchase. The pricing of the pieces is a combination of all aspects that contribute to the final value. These aspects are in the following order: Artistic value, rarity, age, material, size, history. As in all art valuations there is no dictionary or pricelist to guide. The valuations and descriptions were done to the best of our ability, but they will always be debatable. This is a very carefully assembled collection over many years. All pieces are genuine traditional African Art, and any pieces made for sale either to collectors or tourists has been discarded in the 50 years of collecting. Not all pieces were used in religious ceremonies or tribal functions, like the carved ivory tusks or some pottery as an example, but they are still old traditional pieces of art. Sometimes it takes years to discover which are excellent copies, and which are genuine pieces. It certainly helps to know the history of the pieces and most of the collection can be traced back many years, unfortunately sometimes only orally as is the tradition in Africa. For anyone interested, there are no cheap copies to be had, but there are also no museum rate prices or Sotheby and Christie style exorbitant valuations, but honest prices which must be considered excellent bargains for any serious or passionate collector, purchases which will increase considerably in value in the future. 

Thank you for your interest in this artwork.

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